The team at Aarit finance services has a unique skill set to help first home buyers and those needing low deposit home loans in NZ. We can also discuss your options with you if you wish to use your KiwiSaver funds or HomeStart grant to buy an existing home or a new build.

Are you an existing home owner and looking to trade up or sell down. Do you need help with your fixed rates, a top up or advice on repaying your own home loan quicker. We can help you.

Contact one of the friendly team at Aarit finance services to find out more about home loans for first home buyers, new builds, low deposit home loans, fixed or floating interest rates, or for help understanding information that is available on accessing KiwiSaver funds or HomeStart grants . We can take the stress out of buying your first home in NZ.

First Home Buyers 

With banks forced to restrict low deposit home loans, we are focused on helping first home buyers in NZ with our bank and non-bank options for a first time buyers home loan.

New Home Builds 

Does a new, modern home that you have helped design, appeal to you? The team at Aarit Finance can help you access 95% funding for new home builds

Buying A New Home 

Do you want to sell your current home and buy a new one. If you are changing the house we are the ones to contact.


Do you need more savings for your first new home loan with a low deposit? KiwiSaver can help you buy your own first or new home and add to your deposit.

Bridging Finance 

Bridging finance can give you time to plan, to sell your existing property, or just take time out financially. Click here if you are interested in bridging finance.

Interest Rates & Repayments 

We are the go-to team for lending and home loan interest rates in NZ. We have the most up-to-date info to provide you with solutions that suit your needs.